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V S Information Systems (Pvt) Ltd (VSIS) founded in January 2009 as a part of VS Group of companies with the aim to provide ICT Solutions and Services to the Sri Lankan Market  using the best technologies and skills available in the Global ICT Industry. VS Group was established in 1978 with the incorporation  of Vidya Silpa (Pvt.) Ltd. VS Turbo, VS Hydro and VS Energy are the member companies of the Group.

We specialize in ICT products and services which brings added value to all verticals in the Sri Lankan Market in terms of economies, productivity and usability. Our approach is to best serve the customers with appropriate products and services to accelerate in achieving their core businesses goals and target.


You can learn more about our services through these documents provided in this section on the website.

It is quite evident today that Business owners, CIOs, and IT managers face at least one of the issue listed below.

  • Hardware maintenance cost is very high.
  • Space utilization of the datacenter server rooms is highly inefficient
  • Multiple applications run in a single server by impacting each other performance.
  • Application server installation time is very high and less productive.
  • Difficulty in managing multiple different Operating Systems technologies.
  • Current disaster recovery time is very high and has a need of quickly recovering failed systems.
  • Server administration cost is very high.
  • More than 80% you IT budget is spent on operations like upgrades, migrations, power supply, networking and maintenance and you have less investment on hardware required for new innovations or developments.
  • Most of your server hardware resources are underutilized.
  • Your expenses are very high on security.

You have one single answer for all of these issues. That is none other than the virtualization and consolidation of your current IT infrastructure. The VSIS solution for server virtualization is Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV).

Today there are a number of choices when choosing a backup and recovery solution. Perhaps you are already using one of the old commercial packages, such as NetBackup, NetWorker, or TSM. So why consider an alternative? Because with these products you face many challenges – they are high in cost, complicated, and you are forced into vendor lock-in

VSIS backup solution is based on the most widely known Open Source network backup and recovery solution.

Unsolicited emails or so-called SPAM mails have always been an issue for productivity of email users. In addition to this emails have become a primary medium for spreading computer viruses, malware and the medium of exploiting other vulnerabilities. While there hundreds of email security solutions out there in the market most of them are expensive and not affordable. The solution which we have designed is based on world class mature open source email security tools. It is highly affordable but does the job as equal as any commercial equivalent.

VSIS is an expert in all kinds of data storage solutions. Our storage solutions comprises of Backup Storages, Datacenter storage virtualization, Disaster recovery sites storage etc. As storage technologies we offer NAS, iSCSI, and Fibre Channel SAN solutions. In addition we also conduct consultancies on storage capacity planning for your projects.

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